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PeppaCode has worked closely with many clients on their WordPress solutions, achieving amazing outcomes for very happy clients.

Whether you are starting from scratch or just need a site you have already setup tweaked, PeppaCode has the right solution for you.

PeppaCode can help you with any or all of the following WordPress tasks:

Call PeppaCode now on 02 8090 0750 or send us an email using our Contact Form to find out more about our solutions for Wordpress.

Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress is the most widely supported open-source Content Management System in use today. There are a large number of people contributing themes, developing plugins and working on core functionality who are all making WordPress the right choice for any web site solution, whether it be small business, big business or personal.

The important bit of that statement is "open source". There are no lock in contracts or sign up fees. In fact it is free to download and use. And the best bit is that should you ever need to move to another platform or choose another developer you can take what you have with you.

Gone are the days of proprietary content management systems that tie you to the developer for life!

What do I need to run WordPress?

You need a web hosting package that supports PHP scripting and a MySQL database. These are readily available from any number of hosting companies on the Internet. If you need help setting that up then PeppaCode can source the right hosting package for you and do all of that "technical stuff" you want to avoid.

What can I do with WordPress?

Just about anything you want!

Whether you want a simple WordPress blogging platform, a professional WordPress website for your business, a membership WordPress site or a fully functional Wordpress eCommerce site then WordPress has all bases covered. The powerful yet flexible WordPress programming interface allows all of these things to be achieved. In fact you would be surprised how many people are already doing this.

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Still not convinced? Find out about WordPress at wordpress.org

Who are PeppaCode?

PeppaCode is a Sydney based web design and development company who specialise in open source content management systems. They have many clients using WordPress and Drupal, the two most popular content management systems available.

The PeppaCode business model is built around helping small and medium business with limited IT resources build a complete web solution, not just a web site. With experience from all areas of IT, PeppaCode have the staff to address your needs.

PeppaCode's aim is to empower the client by providing them with a platform they can use to be involved in the ongoing web site updates as much (or as little) as they want.

Call PeppaCode now on 02 8090 0750 or send us an email using our Contact Form to find out more about our solutions for Wordpress.